You do not have to stay broken…

Love is everywhere. Love is a great thing to have and to share. It’s like a fantasy; love is magical.
But love hurts. Love has its own darkness. Its is hurt, cry, hopeless; BROKEN.

B- reakups

R- elationship Fails 

O- ver 

K- ills

E- verything is not okay

N- o actions

1. Breakups

-Dealing with painful emotions. 
2. Relationship Fails

Most of us are waiting for our “Mr. and Ms. Right”. The right person to love and to have in life. We want all to have a long- term relationship with someone. 

Sad to say, many relationships had failed. Some reasons behind are:
* Trust Issues 

All of us are afraid to trust because we all have limitations for it. We have limitations who to trust and how much to trust.”I have trust issues because people have lying issues” this quote explains why is it so hard for some people to trust nowadays. 

* Different perceptions and personality 

Every person has a unique attributes. It’s hard for every single person to adjust if they have different opinions about their perspective in life.

* Time issues 

Time is very important in every relationship. Time is not all about your career, but sometimes it’s about your emotions. It’s important to have new conversations and a healthy bonding experience with your love ones. 

3. Over

It’s hard to tell if the relationship is now over. No communication at all is one sign that your relationship is not in a good situation anymore. Having unhealthy sex and you always got bored talking to him/her are also signs that it’s getting over. You always have fight and one of you had lost interest already. 

4. Kills

Being broken can kill you. The pain that affects you is real. Having that real pain causes you to be hopeless and distress which can affects your heart’s muscle that leads you to heart attack. In short, being deeply inlove with someone can lead you to death. “Too much love will kill you”.

5. Everything is not okay

A devastating event and a real pain! Everything you see in your surroundings is disturbing and worthless. You have no hope to live and you think that no one loves you. For you, it is end of the world. You are full with stress hormones and your brain is basically dead.

6. No Action

You have no actions when you’re broken hearted because you’re not only emotionally hurt but also Physically hurt. Pain in your chest and loss of appetite are some bad effects of being broken hearted. 

If you are broken, you don’t have to stay broken! Rise!

R- emove all negativity 

I- ‘ts time to let go and move on

S- pend time with others

E- njoy life!
Heal your heart! Help yourself. Don’t let someone hold your life! You should love yourself. You have your own decisions and opinion. Wake up and RISE!

1.Remove all negativity 

Having negativity in life is such a burden for us. You should free and let go these negativities for you to have some extra space for positive things. Delete your ex and other bad habits you do. Focus to your own progress. Don’t mind those people who want to knocked you down because they only inspire you to do better. Let God be your strength and I do believe that you can rise from being broken hearted.

2. It’s time to let go and move on

Cherish all the memories but help yourself to let go and move on. Here are some tips to let go and move on

* Be thankful and accept what is done 

– Thank your ex for the memories and start living with reality. Accept that it is now a memory to remember. Thank him/her because the hurt he/she gave to you is the reason why you became stronger and better person

* Distance yourself.

– You should not see each other for you to take a break and realize you worth. Don’t stalk him on his/her social media accounts

* Focus to your progress 

– don’t let anyone hold your future! Start forgetting the past and learn to move forward and think for your future.

* Have fun with other people 

– Call you friends and go somewhere. It’s time for you to free yourself. Go attend some seminars, meet-ups, or have fun with your friends.

* Change yourself 

– The greatest revenge that you can have is to change yourself. Change yourself to become a better person. Grab all the opportunities to let go the old you and give way for the new. 

3.Spend time with others

Have time for them! Forget the one who hurt you. 

Laugh with your friends. Laughter will remove all the stress you have when you’re broken. Listen to their funny jokes and you can also make some jokes! Start iniviting your friends to go out. You can do hiking, watch movies, swimming, and other cheap activities but learn to say no to bad activities like smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and going to casino. 

4. Enjoy life!

“Difficult roads often to the most beautiful destinations” 

– Don’t worry about what happened because the result is you became stronger! You are now matured enough to face challenges and you’re ready to face the reality. Life is too short that’s why don’t focus yourself to one person only. There’s a lot of activity you can do to enjoy. 
Don’t be afraid to let go and to try new things in life. -Dexter Asuncion


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