First Eyebrow Threading Experience 

What is Treading?

Threading is a fast and gentle hair removal process which originated in the Middle East. It utilises a piece of cotton thread which is twisted back and forth along the skin, creating beautifully groomed brows with enhanced definition and fabulous shape.

I have no plan threading my eyebrow because to be honest I’m afraid of it. I was thinking that they will just destroy the shape of my eyebrows and I thought it would be really painful. 

One day, Hey Sugar Salon offered free eyebrow threading, facial and underarm waxing. Alyssa (My Friend) chose to have eyebrow threading and underarm waxing, while Claire and I chose to have eyebrow threading only. At first, I felt strange and nervous. I really thought it would be really painful, but it’s not. I don’t know if I am just the one enjoying it because some of my friends told me that It is really painful. While doing it, The girl appreciates my eyebrow. 

“Ang gandang kilay mo, wag natin masyadong bawasan. Ayusin lang natin para maging malinis at pantay.”

Staffs of Hey Sugar Salon (Lucky China Town) are all friendly. Over all, my first experience was literally awesome and very memorable! I would greatly recommend you Hey Sugar Salon because they are all accommodating and their store is very clean. 

These are my pictures after


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